10TIL10 AKA Tamara Parker

Like many other great 'band' projects (Trent Reznor's 'NIN', Adam Young's 'Owl City', Chris Carrabba's 'Dashboard Confessional', John Ondrasik's 'Five for Fighting', Christopher Ingle's 'nevershoutnever', and arguably Billy Corgan's 'The Smashing Pumpkins', to name a few), 10 til 10 is an ever-evolving, occasionally collaborative expression resulting from the proclivities of a single visionary artist, Asheville's own Tamara Parker. The catchy moniker is taken from Tamara's arrival into this world at – you guessed it - 10 'til 10 on the (wait for it) 10th of January. An arguable prodigy, Tamara began composing for piano at age 9 after receiving only 4 years of instruction, then later established herself as a more-than-adequate guitar player, bassist, and drummer, while still finding time to master the trumpet and discover the musical potential of her own vocal cords. Tamara chose to pursue a Music Industry major at Appalachian State University. Her studies at App developed her unique ear for production and an appreciation of heavily cinematic music; an influence which is prevalent in her own vocal and instrumental compositions, as well as her contributions to projects ranging across the genres of pop, classical, jazz, blues, rock, worship, and stage musicals. Tamara is also an accomplished artist whose work is the foundational décor of her home in Asheville, and also adorns her albums.

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